Bespoke Evening Wear

Customize your one-of-a-kind evening wear. All dresses are custom made to our client's measurements and will require at least one fitting. 

Custom evening wear starts at $4,800. Pricing can go up depend on the type of fabrication, lace, stones, and embroidery added to your garment and on how elaborate the garment is and of course your budget. Our evening gowns can take 8 months to 16 months to create depending on the design. Any garment needed in a shorter amount of time would be subjected to a 10%-15% rush free depending on when the dress is needed.

How it Works?

1. Book a Consultation

This is a consultation between the client and the Ese Azenabor team. You will have one-on-one time with our team designers/ stylists. This can be in person at our Dallas or New York location or over a video call. During this, the client is able to provide any details or inspiration images to allow both - the client and designer- understand the end product. Afterwards, depending on the complexity of the design, the client will receive the invoice and hand-drawn sketch. Once deposit is made, the Ese Azenabor team will take or receive measurements to start production. 

2. Production

Production time can take anywhere from 9 to 16 months. Anything less than 9 months will be a 10% to 15% rush fee. 

3. Fittings

The client will have two fittings, the first fitting will be placed about 2 months before the due date. This fitting will focus mainly on measurements. The second fitting will be held a month or closer to the due date. This is a 2-day fitting as the client will pick up their dress the following day.